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Changes are afoot....

Hello dear friends. Following last year’s survey, the post last week on Facebook and feedback from the community members, we will be moving the lolita valentines page to our Facebook page. This means we will take submissions via private message, and will post the photos to the page each week on Saturday. This means that submission is open pretty much all the time!

We understand this will take away from the complete anonymity, as the mods will see who has sent the valentine but please be assured we will keep this confidential. The good news about using Facebook is that it will be easier to tag your friends in the comments of valentines as we post them, and also makes it a bit simpler to share them!

1. Your valentine should have clear and legible text
2. Your valentine should not include links to websites, blogs or tumblrs. Very obvious links or advertising will not be posted. Please crop the image if there is a large link or try to find another picture.
3. Please submit your valentines by private message to by 12 midday London time on Saturday to guarantee inclusion in the weeks post. Please click here to visit the Facebook page..

Any questions please ask us!


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Feb. 8th, 2017 08:30 am (UTC)
Couldn't the pictures still be posted anonymously, but then posted to facebook by the mods? There are few valentines as it is and taking away the protection of being anonymous, could affect it negatively.
Feb. 9th, 2017 10:55 pm (UTC)

Honestly we have not received valentines for a few weeks already so any negative effect will not make much difference to the current picture. We took feedback from the community prior to this change and moving to facebook got some good responses.

We also have an inbox totalfrillylove@gmail.com that can be used with anonymous emails if anyone is concerned about this.

Feb. 10th, 2017 08:41 pm (UTC)
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